Saturday, November 13, 2010

Careful calculations and rich traditions...


I lost someone very special to my childhood this week and I've got to tell you it has me reverting back to things I hold true. Harry Potter, Twilight, and my husband. It has pained me terribly to know that Mrs. B has left us, but in the end....perhaps it's weird that I say something like that, but I think for me...I always knew to escape into books.

She gave that to me. When she used to baby sit me and K when we were kids, in "library" class in school, it was about escaping into these outlandish characters that you can only get in books, movies, and music. A weird dynamic I'm sure. I've got to tell you it was a real hard decision to whether or not I would go to the funeral.

It was weird. I ended up not going to funeral's before for work, for other reasons, but it just felt right not going this time. I think Mrs. B would have never wanted us to dwell on the hardships and sadness of her passing that she would have wanted us to thrive, prosper, and remember.

It's time to remember the good, not suffer through the sad, and continue to live the way she wanted us to, caring, understanding, and worthwhile.

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