Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stephen King

While I've been sitting here convalescing, I've been watching a little too much tv and not necessarily getting all that much work done. I will tell you though, I've watched Stand by Me and Shawshank Redemption now at least twice. I have never been a huge horror fan, I think it's overrated. I guess it was the time working with the fellows from Goatman Hollow guys and gals, that a lot of it is fun to watch but if you get knee deep into the story all you're going to end up doing is scaring yourself.
I will say something though, Stephen King....he's got a sense of imagination that he can create entire worlds in 100 pages. Both Stand by Me and Shawshank came out of a set of novellas called Different Seasons. While there were two other stories in the set of novellas, I've got to admit these stories stuck with me the most.
Stand is and probably will always stand in my mind because of River Phoenix. He played Chris Chambers, a kid lost in the world where a few too many people know him. On a journey with his closest friends to see a dead body, his turmoil was a visualization of what everyone that grew up in the late 80's and into the early 90s had seen. The aggravation of people knowing a little too much, and finally coming into your own despite what initial impressions people have. It's a movie that I can't stop watching whether it's on at 4 in the afternoon or 4 in the morning.
Shawshank is an entirely different situation. Andy Dufrene spent his entire time looking to crack the system from the inside out. To work the system that let him down. It's an interesting dynamic when you think that my life has kind of been like that. I get so disappointed with doctors, dynamics, and more stupid politics than I can even shake a stick at...I've got to say that his big F u to the world at the end of the movie always makes my night.

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