Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a nice evening...


It's such a rare occasion that despite being as tired as I am...I had to write to tell you what a nice evening that I had. Mama came up and started yammering on about the wedding, and rambling on and I've got to tell you that it was just so nice. It was so nice to make sure that we got a real chance to talk...without the grandkids, without the sister, just us. It was so peaceful, I think I get a lot of my traits from her.

I sat and talked to her extensively about what happened with her sister, and it was so interesting how she went through things. You wanna know why? She understood. You know she's one of those that will call you on your faults, but will also celebrate your triumphs right? Well, this was one of those things that she said, I hear ya. She like knew. She told me Daddy still hasn't gotten past it. I hung out with her sister the other day...and I've got to tell you I was feeling super uneasy about it and what I think it is...I don't want to hang out with her anymore. I don't want to be around her. Not unlike her daughter, I love her...I really honestly do...but if given the opportunity, after all that bullshit she pulled I'm not quite interesting in spending time with her. I was telling Ma about how guilty I was feeling, it was so nice to hear someone say...it was ok. It was okay to not be over it, it was okay to be thinking and feeling the way that I am.

It's nice to feel peaceful. It's nice to be re-iterated that it's ok. That it's okay to be a true person. To be real. I think Ma has finally gotten around to realizing that I'm a decent person, and that SHE'S the cause of it. That she did a fantastic job.

*sigh* I'm very blessed. I'm blessed to have you, my friends, and especially my family.

For your eternal buddy and friend,
Much love-

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GeekHiker said...

To be told everything's gonna be okay. I think that's something a lot more of us need to hear a lot more often!